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Medical Records

All medical records are property of Fairfield Medical Group, LLC., serving as a custodian of each person’s medical records.

Patients may request a copy of their medical records. For all urgent matters: (i.e. patients seeing a specialist) copies of the medical record will be done as a priority. For non-urgent medical matters, the medical record will be copied within 30 days.

Procedure to request record:

  1. Bring a signed release of information to our office. This can be provided by another office or a note typed/written by you with your signature present.
  2. When the record is ready, you will be notified. A fee of $0.65 per page applies for copies.
  3. If requested, the medical record will be mailed to the patient or doctor’s office for the price of first class postage.

In accordance with section 20-7c (b) of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Upon a written request of a patient, his attorney or authorized representative or pursuant to a written authorization, a provider, except as provided in section 4-194, shall furnish to the person making such request a copy of the patient’s health record, including but not limited to, bills, x-rays and copies of laboratory reports, specifications based on examinations and final records of prescriptions and other technical information used in assessing the patient’s health condition. No provider shall charge more than:

  1. Sixty-five cents per page, including any research fees, handling fees or related costs and the cost of first class postage, if applicable.
  2. Except such provider may charge a patient the amount necessary to cover the cost of materials for furnishing a copy of an x-ray, provided no such charge shall be made for furnishing a health record or part thereof to a patient, his attorney or authorized representative if the record or part thereof is necessary for the purpose of supporting a claim or appeal under any provision of the Social Security Act and the request is accompanied by documentation of the claim or appeal.
  3. A provider shall furnish a health record requested pursuant to this section within 30 days of the request.



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